Motorhome Journal

A motorhome affords us the luxury of being able to go anywhere with vehicle access, without a tow car or the need for a lengthy set-up time. The freedom of the open road is yours for the taking – and being able to stop almost wherever and whenever you wish is the ultimate in travel freedom.
Whilst on the road as you travel through the beautiful countryside, and all those places of interest, maybe sharing some much valued time with family and friends – writing them in a dedicated Motorhome Journal will ensure that those memorable times will be preserved forever. Not only that, those precious memories are all in one place – in your journal and accessible in an instant. Awesome!
Here are some suggestions on how to use your new Motorhome Journal:
  • To inspire and encourage you to write about your travels and adventures.
  • To record the journey, the route travelled and the caravan site(s) you visited.
  • Mention the new friends you met on site, or old friendships rekindled over a delicious meal.
  • Relive the fun and laughter, the times on the beach and in the sea – and don’t forget to write about your pets too!
  • Write about places visited, what you did and the sights you saw.
  • Remind yourself in the future what you liked about your chosen site and would you return?
  • Give it a star rating – and would you recommend to others?
Keep your Journal to hand to write things down as they happen, while they are still fresh in your mind. That way you’ll be able to relive those times away, to bring a smile and a warm hug to your heart!
Motorhome Journal
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The Journal Contains

A5 size book containing 74 pages in total

11 full colour images depicting the fun social side of motor homing

63 blank pages to record your travels and adventures

Features a map of British Isles

Printed on excellent quality card and paper

Laminated cover that is wipeable to retain its good looks

What our customers say

"I love the Motorhome Journal and Carol provided a very friendly and efficient service. Thank you!"

Karen Bent

"OMG! These journals are brilliant! They are fun, brightly coloured and of exceptionally good quality. I am gifting one to my niece and her young family for Christmas as they are just starting on their caravanning adventures and will be a fantastic way for them to save the memories they make safely forever. I wish they were available when we started our adventures back in 2004 when my children were young!"

Denise Thomas

"I bought a Motorhome Leisure Log for our friends in the Isle of Man so they can record their adventures, starting with a tour of the Orkneys. They are absolutely delighted with it. They have told me that it is something they had thought of doing but that they found the logs they had looked at were a bit ‘boring’. The Leisure Log is full of lovely drawings and is great fun."

Alyson Bartlett

Try before you buy

We’re sure you’ll love the Motorhome Journal, but why not try a free sample before you buy?  Simply click the link to download your own sample of the journal.